Monday, November 18, 2013

The Queen is 5!

Today is bugs 5th birthday! Yep... 5! Five years ago at this moment I was being admitted into the hospital after being in labor all night and all that day. At 7:40pm out popped Kyleigh Lynn at 5lb 14oz and 18in long. My girlfriend is now 44in tall and 45lbs. Love her!

So this weekend we decided to go to the store and buy things to make cupcakes for her class today. So we got 2 boxes of cake mix and food coloring and made neon pink and green cupcakes with purple frosting. As we are walking out of the store I realized I forgot something...Here is how Kyleigh interpreted what I said

Me: Crap! I forgot vegetable oil for your cupcakes
Kyleigh: Huh? I dont want vegetables in my cupcakes thats gross!
Me: (laughing hysterically) NO! Its not veggies like you think, it helps it cook better
Kyleigh: I dont care! STOP LAU---GH---INNNNGGG ATTTT MMMMEEE!!!!! (in a yelling voice)

HaHa. She actually thought I meant I was going to cook vegetables into her cupcakes! Only my child. The things they come up with. I have been trying to participate in her hilarious conversations and blog them only because I just have to remember this stuff. Its too hilarious!

So its 3:34 on her birthday which means I have an hour and 26 mins before it is time to go home. Kyleigh is going to be too excited when she sees what the birthday fairy brought her!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Behavioral Health Setback

For the most part I cannot complain about my daughter. But her behavior is starting to concern me, not only last week did she break my little dogs leg, but today she was punching and kicking my big dog. Im quite concerned. I have an appointment with her pediatrician Monday morning to find out what is going on. Needless to say it is getting to be a concern for me.

I understand that nobody is perfect and we ALL have out faults, and bad features..But hitting a dog and breaking its leg? Really? My Mom thinks it is a phase she is going thru, but I think it goes a little deeper. I try to provide a well rounded home for her, but I dont (I wont lie). My boyfriend and I are by no means perfect however we are not violent towards each other and we do not fight in front of our kids. I never grew up seeing my parents argue - even thru their divorce I NEVER witnessed it, and even now 26 yrs later still have yet to see them fight. So I do not know what that is like.

I have been doing some research this afternoon about this and what I am finding is that it is learned behavior. Will (my BF) tells me that her Dad is like that so Kyleigh will be like that. No Justin (Kys Dad) is like that because all his parents did was argue growing up. Its learned behavior. I didnt get my degree in Psychology because I was a dummy.


I will keep everyone posted on our journey thru this with hopes of a steady answer.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kids and their phrases

My daughter is a total Diva - as if you didnt already comprehend that!

Here is our conversation post trick or treating

Kyleigh: I feel like a maniac
Me: and why do you feel like a maniac?
Kyleigh: all that candy them tricker things made me a maniac
Me: oh yea?
Kyleigh: I need to read a book and relax
**She cant read by the way**
Me: you can read now?
Kyleigh: Yes, this book says "my mom has the biggest toe nail ever"
**my toes are pedicured on a regular basis**
Me: what?
Kyleigh: u need to fix that
She runs away giggling - I am left speechless!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!

So Halloween is widely known as the holiday that all parents hate...Why? C-A-N-D-Y! If your like me, I limit my daughters candy intake to a strict minimum but Halloween I have to fart around that rule - a bit! I am not one of those Moms that doesnt let her kid trick or treat...But I am one of these Moms:

1. Check the Candy
I am a Nazi with this! I check the candy thoroughly. This day and age I dont want to take any chances. Sure I live in a very credible neighborhood with awesome neighbors, but we all have bad days! So before she can partake of any candy it is checked by me...and my boyfriend!

2. Amount
She is allowed ONE piece of candy after it is checked, and then allowed ONE piece of candy daily until she forgets about it..Usually a week! HaHa. Yes she absolutely forgets that we have candy...Why because it is hidden, forbidden, for nobody to find but me - MOM!

3. Hiding the Goods
Oh yes, we hide them. Usually in the back of a cabinet that you cant see it even if I open the cabinet. The goal is to have my daughter forget it exists! Ha, Im so bad!

Hope everyone has a Creepy Crawly Spooky Haunted Spidery Halloween!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

When kids get excited...

Do they jump up and down?


If you are blessed to have a wonderful, fun loving, Divalicious daughter like mine...She wakes me up at a God awful time of the morning to tell me shes going on vacation! For about 6 months my parents have had it planned that they take my daughter on vacation to a resort in Orlando in October. The first thing my Mom does is tell my daughter (yes, 6 months ahead of time), so I have 6 months to hear about how vacation is coming, and we are going to "Mouse House" etc. So the time has came (today) for my daughter to go on "cation" with my parents to "Lando." My daughter is usually up by 6:30-6:45 on school mornings. This morning was an exception...


Here comes my child completely excited about "cation." This was the convo we had at 4:45 this morning

Kyleigh: Mommy Mommy WAKE UP (shaking me)
Mommy: Kyleigh Lynn, really?
Kyleigh: Im going on cation today wake up and braid my hair
Mommy: Kyleigh it is 4:45 in the morning we have 2 hrs to sleep
Kyleigh: But Mommy...
fastword 30 seconds...and Dad becomes involved!
Daddy: Kyleigh go to bed it is NOT time to get up
Kyleigh: ooooo no cation
Mommy: No your going on vacation alright...Right to your bed
Kyleigh: whatever, you never let me party
Daddy: Kyleigh....

She runs off! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's game on... know how I said my daughter was a rediculously picky eater...Well she played me like a $2 bill for sure. Let me tell you shes no dummy!

I had a little conference with her teacher yesterday, yea..Interesting. She is in pre-school, and of course they supply lunch WELL here I am thinking that Kyleigh doesnt eat...oh no no no according to her teacher the only thing she doesnt eat is taco salad and spaghetti she eats EVERYTHING else..When I say "everything" I mean turkey, hot dogs, mac n cheese, shephards pie, fish sticks, etc. So my daughter has played me because at home she doesnt eat two licks of anything. So I confronted my daughter and here is how the conversation went: (Mind you shes 4 almost 5).

Mommy: Kyleigh, I talked to Miss. Jenn today.
Kyleigh: I'm in trouble, right?
Mommy: No ma'am, but I found out you do eat everything they make you
Kyleigh: Yea...Your cooking isnt good
Mommy: How would you know my cooking isnt good if you dont eat it
Kyleigh: umm
Mommy: Thought so...Game on girlfriend
Kyleigh: I always win
Mommy: You think so Miss, no going outside till you eat your dinner
Kyleigh: Fine

End result...Eats all dinner, and has a wonderful time bike riding

Moral of the Story: Kids will always try to out smart you and even when you dont realize it they will...But be strong ladies and gentlemen you have the upper hand! LOL

Let me give you an overview..

While my posts are meant to be funny, joking around and funloving..There is a serious side to me. I wanted to give you all a little bit of my background on being a Mom before I got any further and maybe I can help some girl out there who is in the same shoes I was in. 

My daughter was born 11/18/2008 rewind back to March 2008. I met her Dad it was a one time thing...(which was not like me!) He was in and out of our lives my pregnancy, he was there for her birth and I made him sign the birth certificate for child support reasons I knew I would be doing this all on my own. Ok now fast forward back to Nov. 2008, Kyleigh was born! She was 6 weeks early I was not due until mid December but had her Nov 18. Her Dad was there, but left when she was 10 months he got addicted to alcohol and Im sure other things. He doesnt call, text, email, nothing and hasnt in 4 years. It is probably better that way. 

I ended up putting myself thru xray school, graduating with honors, and now working on my Psychology degree. Ladies, you can do it, it is in your blood to be a Mom, its an instinct. I am such a proud Mom and even happier that I can say I have come this far without her Dad. I do have a boyfriend now and he is wonderful but my daughter is a girl so its a bit awkward with somethings. I am living proof that you can do it, you can be all that you wanted to be before having kids...Your a woman we are the only people that can bleed for seven days and survive! POWER TO MOMMIES!

Now onto a funny post....


Monday, September 16, 2013

Dressing a Diva

How many woman out there have daughters that are "into" their appearance even at the ripe age of 2-5? Well add me to that list? My child has more clothes than WalMart has inventory...BUT not only do I get them at consignment stores, she LIKES them! With that she loves to accessorize! What girl doesnt? Here are a few of the challenges I face daily with putting an outfit together for my 4 year old:

1. EVERYTHING must be color coordinated. Not only do our socks have to match our shirt, but our panties have to match our shorts or pants. But when we put a dress on the panties have to match! Yes, I am faced with dressing a major Diva! Here is my solution, make sure everything has at least a little bit of white in it, and buy all white panties! Problem solved! 

2. Accessories are a girls best friend. My daughter (being 4 years old) is more accessorized than I am..Not sure if that is good or bad. But our hair ties MUST match our shirt - any clips in our hair must coordinate with our shirt and/or shorts. If we have a dress on again it all has to match! My solution...Make sure all her clothes atleast have a black spec on them! Yep, you read that right. Whether its the black in the center of a flower, or a black pair of shorts...Its black so therefore all ponytails are black, and bobby pins are black!

3. Cant forget lipstick. Even though shes 4, she still has what she calls "lippy" to her they come in all me they are colorless chapstick with a colorful tube! BINGO...Chapstick! The chapstick comes in all colors, flavors, scents, and themes...Ladies go with pink and purple and you will be safe!

As you can see Im up against a giant - but she's still my little girl at heart and wouldnt trade her ways for anything!

Picky Eaters - A Mom's nightmare!

While Im sure I am not the only Mom on the face of the earth that struggles with a picky eater however I feel so alone. I know there are techniques and solutions that parents around this Country and World have used to overcome this nightmare and here is what I have found useful!

Allow me to lay down a bit of foundation if you will to my 4 year olds diet...Chicken nuggets, cereal, yogurt, PBJ, french fries, and just about any piece of candy. Yep you read them all, thats all she eats, and will even entertain eating. But I have tricked her to eat things like pork chops, baked chicken, turkey, and even seafood...

Here's my secret....

1. What I cook - she can relate to. This what I mean by that. We put milk in our cereal, well I put milk in mashed potatoes, and a mashed potato is just a crushed up french fry! By using this technique she can relate a mashed potato to a french fry which she likes, and she can relate the milk in it to a bowl of cereal. So we call it a bowl of french fries. Another example is Popcorn. Yes you read that right, popcorn. Well we also, have a bowl of corn I just dont pop it, and we add butter to it, just like I add butter when we pop it. So we have corn thats not popped that tastes exactly the same!
2. Shake 'N' Bake everything. I am a HUGE shake n' bake fan - I will shake n' bake anything and everything! So by doing this with chicken my daughter thinks its a chicken nugget just cut up funny, and we have a bowl of french fries with it! I have tricked her into eating not only just chicken this way, but also pork chops! We cant forget the bowl of unpopped popcorn!
3. Vegetables. You are probably wondering what I do for vegetables. This was a big mystery for me to solve because vegetables are hard to mask into something else...So I went out and got V8 juice, and she LOVED it! So we have  glass of V8 juice with dinner. But it cant be the original V8 juice it has to be the berry flavored. But I also, make smoothies and I dump green beans in it with all sorts of fruit, and she doesn't even taste it! 
4. I 'sea'food. I would of never imagined my child enjoying fish sticks...BUT she does, why because they are breaded. Yep wrapped just like a chicken nugget, and cut just like one she loves them! 
5. Thanksgiving Dinner. This dinner is a picky Moms worst nightmare, why because you want to sit down with your family and enjoy a nice dinner but here you have a child eating a PBJ, or chicken nuggets. I got clever last Thanksgiving, I made just ONE chicken nugget and took the breading off (I thought for sure this would be an epic failure) but to my surprise it wasnt. I mixed the unbreaded chicken nugget with turket, a bowl of french fries, and unpopped popcorn and BINGO Thanksgiving Dinner for the picky eater!

See I am living that there is hope, and you can get your picky eater to eat, you just have to come up with clever tricks to get them to eat! 

Side Note: I tried the whole go to bed hungry thing like the pediatrician told me to, and didnt work my child didnt care she had NO PROBLEM going to bed hungry so that is what prompted me to become creative with not just how I cook, what I say!

My Into

Im full time working Mom to a wonderful, fun loving, outgoing, ball full of craziness 4 year old! Her Dad - he left, and has chosen not to be apart of our crazy life! My daughter.... her name is Kyleigh she is the light of my life, God certainly knew what he was doing when he blessed me with my daughter. 

We live in a suburb outside of Tampa, Florida (which I dont recommend living here) its boring, and Kyleigh *my daughter* tells me we need to move somewhere with playgrounds because playgrounds make the world go round in her mind! Originally, I am from Baltimore, MD (go Ravens!) and me and Kyleigh travel back and forth multiple times a year just to go to a playground and get a snowball! 

Allow me to show you our picture! This is us!! Hope you enjoy our blog!