Friday, November 15, 2013

Behavioral Health Setback

For the most part I cannot complain about my daughter. But her behavior is starting to concern me, not only last week did she break my little dogs leg, but today she was punching and kicking my big dog. Im quite concerned. I have an appointment with her pediatrician Monday morning to find out what is going on. Needless to say it is getting to be a concern for me.

I understand that nobody is perfect and we ALL have out faults, and bad features..But hitting a dog and breaking its leg? Really? My Mom thinks it is a phase she is going thru, but I think it goes a little deeper. I try to provide a well rounded home for her, but I dont (I wont lie). My boyfriend and I are by no means perfect however we are not violent towards each other and we do not fight in front of our kids. I never grew up seeing my parents argue - even thru their divorce I NEVER witnessed it, and even now 26 yrs later still have yet to see them fight. So I do not know what that is like.

I have been doing some research this afternoon about this and what I am finding is that it is learned behavior. Will (my BF) tells me that her Dad is like that so Kyleigh will be like that. No Justin (Kys Dad) is like that because all his parents did was argue growing up. Its learned behavior. I didnt get my degree in Psychology because I was a dummy.


I will keep everyone posted on our journey thru this with hopes of a steady answer.

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