Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's game on... know how I said my daughter was a rediculously picky eater...Well she played me like a $2 bill for sure. Let me tell you shes no dummy!

I had a little conference with her teacher yesterday, yea..Interesting. She is in pre-school, and of course they supply lunch WELL here I am thinking that Kyleigh doesnt eat...oh no no no according to her teacher the only thing she doesnt eat is taco salad and spaghetti she eats EVERYTHING else..When I say "everything" I mean turkey, hot dogs, mac n cheese, shephards pie, fish sticks, etc. So my daughter has played me because at home she doesnt eat two licks of anything. So I confronted my daughter and here is how the conversation went: (Mind you shes 4 almost 5).

Mommy: Kyleigh, I talked to Miss. Jenn today.
Kyleigh: I'm in trouble, right?
Mommy: No ma'am, but I found out you do eat everything they make you
Kyleigh: Yea...Your cooking isnt good
Mommy: How would you know my cooking isnt good if you dont eat it
Kyleigh: umm
Mommy: Thought so...Game on girlfriend
Kyleigh: I always win
Mommy: You think so Miss, no going outside till you eat your dinner
Kyleigh: Fine

End result...Eats all dinner, and has a wonderful time bike riding

Moral of the Story: Kids will always try to out smart you and even when you dont realize it they will...But be strong ladies and gentlemen you have the upper hand! LOL

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