Monday, September 16, 2013

Dressing a Diva

How many woman out there have daughters that are "into" their appearance even at the ripe age of 2-5? Well add me to that list? My child has more clothes than WalMart has inventory...BUT not only do I get them at consignment stores, she LIKES them! With that she loves to accessorize! What girl doesnt? Here are a few of the challenges I face daily with putting an outfit together for my 4 year old:

1. EVERYTHING must be color coordinated. Not only do our socks have to match our shirt, but our panties have to match our shorts or pants. But when we put a dress on the panties have to match! Yes, I am faced with dressing a major Diva! Here is my solution, make sure everything has at least a little bit of white in it, and buy all white panties! Problem solved! 

2. Accessories are a girls best friend. My daughter (being 4 years old) is more accessorized than I am..Not sure if that is good or bad. But our hair ties MUST match our shirt - any clips in our hair must coordinate with our shirt and/or shorts. If we have a dress on again it all has to match! My solution...Make sure all her clothes atleast have a black spec on them! Yep, you read that right. Whether its the black in the center of a flower, or a black pair of shorts...Its black so therefore all ponytails are black, and bobby pins are black!

3. Cant forget lipstick. Even though shes 4, she still has what she calls "lippy" to her they come in all me they are colorless chapstick with a colorful tube! BINGO...Chapstick! The chapstick comes in all colors, flavors, scents, and themes...Ladies go with pink and purple and you will be safe!

As you can see Im up against a giant - but she's still my little girl at heart and wouldnt trade her ways for anything!

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