Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let me give you an overview..

While my posts are meant to be funny, joking around and funloving..There is a serious side to me. I wanted to give you all a little bit of my background on being a Mom before I got any further and maybe I can help some girl out there who is in the same shoes I was in. 

My daughter was born 11/18/2008 rewind back to March 2008. I met her Dad it was a one time thing...(which was not like me!) He was in and out of our lives my pregnancy, he was there for her birth and I made him sign the birth certificate for child support reasons I knew I would be doing this all on my own. Ok now fast forward back to Nov. 2008, Kyleigh was born! She was 6 weeks early I was not due until mid December but had her Nov 18. Her Dad was there, but left when she was 10 months he got addicted to alcohol and Im sure other things. He doesnt call, text, email, nothing and hasnt in 4 years. It is probably better that way. 

I ended up putting myself thru xray school, graduating with honors, and now working on my Psychology degree. Ladies, you can do it, it is in your blood to be a Mom, its an instinct. I am such a proud Mom and even happier that I can say I have come this far without her Dad. I do have a boyfriend now and he is wonderful but my daughter is a girl so its a bit awkward with somethings. I am living proof that you can do it, you can be all that you wanted to be before having kids...Your a woman we are the only people that can bleed for seven days and survive! POWER TO MOMMIES!

Now onto a funny post....


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