Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Impeding Birthday/Party/Chaos!

By my posts you can probably articulate that my daughter is high maintenance, ball of energy. She has a zest for life, but she also has an attitude for miles. So as a part of her Birthday my parents took her to medieval times and she got "Queen of the Tournament" so this is how the conversation went...

Kyleigh: Mommy I got Queen of the Tournament at Times place!!
Me: Oh yeah what does that mean? That's cool
Kyleigh: It means you have to bow to my orders, and obey the Queen
(thinking it was a joke)
Me: haha ok Queen what shall I do?
Kyleigh: Take me to buy a toy!
(realizing she is serious...I turn the tables)
Me: Ok Queen we can buy a toy but you must obey the Master of the Land for a whole week!
Kyleigh: But I'm the Queen
Me: But I am the master and the Queen has to obey the Master in order for the Master to obey the Queen - so start by cleaning your room
Kyleigh: This is just unfair!!

Conversation ended! hahaha

My girl is so crazy at times I am just unsure what to do with her! But I can honestly say I love her to pieces and would never want to walk thru this life without her!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

6 going on 36

As I sit here and we are approaching Kyleighs 6th birthday really fast I cannot help but look at her and be amazed. She is turning into such an amazing, smart, fun, loving, caring, energetic lady. She amazes me with her knowledge, her personality, and her wittiness. I take a minute to reflect on the last 6 years of her life. From being pregnant, to labor and delivery, to our first day of daycare, and finally the first day of kindergarten. She is getting so tall (44in and 44lbs) and loves everything about life. She loves to ride roller coasters, water slides, and be outdoors. She has a love for princesses, barbies, and monster high. I honestly have no idea where my life would be without my daughter. I can remember sitting there and getting that positive pregnancy test and thinking my life was over. Little did I know my life was just beginning. She has saved me from myself, because of her I am able to go to school, have a career, and be the best Mom I can be.

So Kyleigh Lynn, one day when you are older and reading this just know that Mommy did the best she could with what she had to make sure YOU had the best life you deserved. From Disney trips, Busch Gardens, to airplane rides you are my partner in crime and I Love you more and more everyday. You may outgrow my lap but you will never outgrow my heart.