Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So as most of you know this is my daughters first year in kindergarten. This year has been full of overwhelming challenges for my daughter to overcome. Keep in mine she is 6, and anyone that has a 6 year old can attest to the fact that they do not sit still for any longer than 5 seconds on a given day...My child is no exception. In her school there is a kindergarten teacher that is having a baby, so as a result that class has been split into two classes and some of the kids went to my daughters class. So instead of having 22 kids in her class she now has 45 with two teachers. Keep in mind they are all 5-6 years old. They all have personalities that clash, and they all want to run around play, and talk to each other. So she is obviously not grasping any technique that the teacher is giving her. So the struggle has began....

I know my daughter can read and write, she does it at home just fine but when put in a situation with 45 other 5-6 year old kids she either shuts down, or just will not do it. So this is causing her to fall behind. Falling behind with the common core they have there. Her teacher has made several notions that if Kyleigh does not catch up then she will be forced to hold her behind. So here I am with a child with the prospects of having her repeat kindergarten. I have been in constant communication with her teacher and I am doing everything she suggests but I do not seem to be progressing with Kyleigh. I know my child can do it, she does it at home...But I am trying to figure out why she will not do it at school.

I have also, been in communication with my Mom and Kyleighs struggles. My Mom is offering to homeschool next year which will be a great benefit. BUT then I have the lack of interaction with kids that concerns me. What is a Mom supposed to do? You want the best for your kids, but nobody ever warns you about this!

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