Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Impeding Birthday/Party/Chaos!

By my posts you can probably articulate that my daughter is high maintenance, ball of energy. She has a zest for life, but she also has an attitude for miles. So as a part of her Birthday my parents took her to medieval times and she got "Queen of the Tournament" so this is how the conversation went...

Kyleigh: Mommy I got Queen of the Tournament at Times place!!
Me: Oh yeah what does that mean? That's cool
Kyleigh: It means you have to bow to my orders, and obey the Queen
(thinking it was a joke)
Me: haha ok Queen what shall I do?
Kyleigh: Take me to buy a toy!
(realizing she is serious...I turn the tables)
Me: Ok Queen we can buy a toy but you must obey the Master of the Land for a whole week!
Kyleigh: But I'm the Queen
Me: But I am the master and the Queen has to obey the Master in order for the Master to obey the Queen - so start by cleaning your room
Kyleigh: This is just unfair!!

Conversation ended! hahaha

My girl is so crazy at times I am just unsure what to do with her! But I can honestly say I love her to pieces and would never want to walk thru this life without her!

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