Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kindergarten Fun!

Miss. Kyleigh starts kindergarten this year....Hard to believe!

I am very excited for her and her little friends. So tonight we had kindergarten orientation and that was nothing short of overwhelming! I was given a file folder of paperwork. Within this paperwork was deadlines, supply lists, assessment requirements, shot requirements, paperwork that has to be turned in, summer camps, and the list goes on and on AND ON!

Clearly since I was in kindergarten (20 plus years ago) I walked to and from school in Baltimore. My Mom did not have to pick me up, I was able to walk home by myself at the age of 5...Now that is not the case Driver's licenses must be present when dropping off and picking up... When you pick up the child they you get sign to hang in your rear view mirror that shows what child you need...If they ride the bus they get a bracelet and the parent gets a bracelet and that bracelet must be shown in order to take the child off the bus. The systems are so different. Not to mention the iPads in the classroom, the iMacs in the library, and oh NO MORE CHALKBOARDS? what!?! ha. They do not even have over heads anymore (am I really showing my age?) they have projectors that the teachers use a laptop...Man oh man.

Kyleigh was so excited because she had all her little friends from school there and she ran and played - honestly she will love it. I will have more of a hard time than she will I am sure. To her it is the new normal...for me it is anything but. My baby is growing up right before my eyes and I just cant believe it.

So let the fun begin!

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