Monday, January 13, 2014

Babies...and Belly Buttons

As all of you Moms know the dreaded talk of where babies come from is completely inevitable, predictable, but all at the same time feared by so many parents. Well, my time came last week with Miss. Kyleigh. Keep in mind she JUST turned 5. Her dad is not apart of her life he lives in a different state but here is how the conversation went down...

Kyleigh: Mom where did I come from?
Me: Jesus
Kyleigh: No! I came from your belly, DUH!!
Me: Yes you did
Kyleigh: But how did I get in there, I cant go back
Me: Magic, God gives Mommies magical powers to make babies grow
(trying to keep the conversation rated G)
Kyleigh: Oh, I get it! Daddy Justin (her biological Dad) bought a BIIIGGG truck, and he backed it up and shot me threw your belly button thats why its a hole, and I grew and the Doctor cut me out!
Me: Yep..thats how it worked. But what about your belly button its an outy?
(Laughing hysterically by this point)
Kyleigh: Guess a truck wont fit in my belly button
Me: Ok, works for me!

Now if you could of been in the middle of this conversation you would understand the awkwardness, weirdness, and it was just hilarious!

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